Internal Partition Walls, External Cladding and Fencing

Our partition wall product is a factory manufactured; environmentally friendly; precast; pre finished hollow panel; made from gypsum plaster, glass roving’s, and waterproofing polymer. The factory produces panels which can be used in any height buildings as they are non-load bearing.

Our product reduces construction time like precast concrete panels and has a significant cost advantage compared to block-work provides significantly better finishes. As the building industry moves to reduce site labour, reduce construction times, and increase the quality of finishes. The potential for our product will continue to grow.



The Ace-Wall system is an excellent solution for fencing/boundary walls. The system is self spanning, eliminating the need for footings. There is no cracking with the Ace-Wall fencing system. It is a fast, simple and has an economical installation process.



  • Off site manufacture of internal/external partition panels.
  • High quality control.
  • High quality finish.
  • Speed of erection.
  • Significantly better finishes.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Termite resistant

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