Installed Panel  Installed Panel  2 Person Installation
 Texture around window
 Tounge and Grooves Flushed
 Texture applied
 Texture applied & joints flushed  Front without Texture  Front  with Texture
  Completed residence
 100mm Fencing

 3 x 2.4m x 600mm x 100mm panels laid horizontally.

 Ace-Wall panels at a length of 2.4m

Height of 1.8m

Galvanised Fence Column/Post

 Fence Post
 3 horizontal panels laid for fencing    Fence Post

 100mm Panels  100mm Panels  100mm Panels
 3 Core 100mm Panels   3 Core 100mm Panels   3 Core 100mm Panels
 100mm Forms  100mm Forms  100mm Forms
 Forms  Forms Buffer End  Forms Catcher End
 100mm Ejector  100mm Catcher  100mm Conveyor
 Ejector  Ejector Mech.
 Conveyor 1
 100mm Ribbon Blender  100mm Ribbon Blender Scales  100mm Hopper
 Ribbon Blender
 Ribbon Blender
   9 Form Production Plant  


  9 Form Production Plant

 Electronics cabinet 1
 Electronics cabinet 2 
 Factory floor control console 

 PLC Electronics

PLC Electronics 

Control Console 


 water mixing tank 

 fiberglass dispensor 


Mixing Tank 

Ribbon Blender 


gypsum hopper

 150 tonne gypsum silo 

 Pumping System



pallet conveyor

pallet conveyor and strapper

pallet conveyor drive motors

Pallet Conveyor


 Pallet Conveyor Drive Motors

pallets loaded onto conveyor system
finished panels ready for delivery
  finished panels ready for delivery

  Production Pallets

 Palletized Panels

  Palletized Panels

forms forms ejection

 Mould Forms

 Mould Forms with Palletizer

 Panel Ejection Tray

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