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Outline Description

Ace-Wall™ is a fibre-reinforced, water-resistant, gypsum-based, non-load-bearing wall panel, designed for external and internal applications within modern residential, commercial and industrial low-rise and high-rise developments. The product is set to revolutionize the construction industry due to its low product and installation cost, rapid installation, high strength-to-weight ratio, advanced sound/thermal/fire performance and strong eco-friendly characteristics.

  • The product is a full height wall panel with a standard width of 60 cm, a wall thickness of 10 cm and a specified height of between 2.1 m and 3.6 m.
  • The moulded panel is produced with “tongue and groove” joining surfaces and internal cavities to reduce weight and serve as internal conduits for the installation of electrical wiring and other services.
  • The moulded panel is produced to tight dimensional tolerances and has smooth external surfaces which do not require any on-site treatment or rendering.
  • Internal Partition
    • Walls used between internal rooms of a dwelling or office area
    • Single skin wall (10 cm thickness)
    • Walls taped and flushed ready for painting
  • Internal Party Wall
    • Walls used between adjoining dwellings (higher sound and thermal requirement)
    • Two skin construction – 2 x 10 cm wall skins with 20 mm gap
    • Walls taped and flushed on external surfaces ready for painting
  • External Cladding
    • Walls used for cladding of steel or wood frame constructions
    • Single exterior wall separated by cavity from internal frame wall
    • External wall flushed, textured and painted as required
    • Added waterproofing requirement
  • External Boundary Walls
    • Cost effective perimeter and feature walls
    • Single skin secured to base concrete foundation with steel rod/concrete
    • External wall flushed, textured and painted as required
    • Added waterproofing requirement
Installation Process
  • Ace-Wall™ is designed to be installed by a semi-skilled, trained workforce under specialist supervision.
  • The concept of the product and the installation process avoid the need for highly skilled bricklayers and renderers and the associated “wet materiels” that are required for these processes.
  • Strict time and motion studies have shown that a team of 7 supervised technicians can complete the installation of 250 sq.m. of walling in one 8 hour shift.
  • A hierarchical improvement process provides the incentive for the technicians to develop to “Supervisor” status and higher levels of responsibility.

Commercial Issues.

  • Ace-Wall™ can be supplied for installation by the customer or a third party where specialist training and supervision can be provided under the supply contract.
  • Alternatively Ace-Wall™ can be supplied and installed under a turnkey contract.
  • The supply of customized installation materiels (e.g. galvanized top angle and floor track) can be out-sourced or undertaken internally by establishing a production source within the business operations (e.g. roll-forming plant).
  • Infill options such as perlite granules can be offered to enhance the thermal insulation and can be produced internally by setting up the necessary oven process to produce the expanded perlite granules.
  • On-site supervision by trained personnel is mandatory to ensure the correctness and quality of the finished installation.

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